What is managed live chat?

Managed live chat is a service whereby live chat requests are constantly monitored to ensure that customers receive a super-fast response to their query. Not only does this hugely improve customer experience, it also helps to qualify leads quickly and to a high level, leaving you with a happy and high converting sales team.

Hows does managed live chat differ from regular live chat?

Regular live chat services rely on the business to answer live chats. Often you and your team are so busy with the day-to-day of running a business, that the chat requests are often dealt with infrequently and more than likely in an inconsistent manner. Managed live chat services are answered directly, often within 10 seconds, by a specialist company who qualifies, nurture and pass the leads directly onto you. Removing any unsolicited sales chats and general queries in the process. This leaves your sales team with high-quality leads that are red hot!

Why have Local Pages partnered with C4B?

Chat4Business (C4B) does not only answer chats within 10 seconds and qualify the leads for you, they also have the ability to loop a representative from your business directly into the chat once the chat has been fully qualified. This unique process has been proved to vastly increase conversion rates for the businesses which work with them. The software is device agnostic and therefore can be used on any website platform and there is no software to down and keep up to date from your end.

Does C4B only work with care homes and estate agents?

The savvy among you may have noticed that the C4B product is marketed to the care home and estate agency markets. Whilst the software has a specialism in these markets, many other industries such as home improvement businesses, car repair, and service sector businesses.

Get in touch today to find out how managed live chat can help support your digital strategy

We are delighted to be working in partnership with C4B Connect, Managed Sales Chat, and offer their world-class chat product alongside our own portfolio of digital products. What makes their chat product so good is their clear focus on dramatically increasing qualified sales leads directly to your sales team.

They have also been able to develop a strong industry-specific specialisation in the care and property sectors working with such household names as Porthaven Care Homes and Winkworth PLC, respectively.

What any business would appreciate the most is how C4B Connect, Manged Sales Chat, improves lead conversions. In our experience, a website with C4B Connect chat functionality will increase qualified sales leads by 133% to 400%. So adding it to your website has got to make great business sense!